Russian Watch Poljot President Putin


The President wristwatch is made in a perfectly classic style befitting an official premium watch. It is one of the best Russian watches that is awarded to men of science, culture, business and sports for their merits to the Fatherland.

The President watch design is a reminiscent of a strict official style that can satisfy the most demanding tastes. In the upper part of the dial there is the coat of arms of the Russian Federation (the double-headed eagle), while below there is an inscription in capital letters “PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA”. Watches are assembled manually at the First Moscow Watch Factory after which special equipment tests them. These watches undergo a strict quality control.

The back of the case features an engraved double-headed eagle and an etched inscription in Russian “FROM PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA”.

The President watch is a watch that is sure to be noticed on the hand of its owner. The heraldic eagle and the Russian flag make the watch distinctive and unique, so you can be sure that nobody from your immediate circle has the same watch.

The President watch can be an excellent gift to your beloved man on his birthday or any other occasion. It is the watch that men wear at important business meetings. It's a sophisticated watch for successful men who are aware of their worth. Watches have been and remain the main part of the male outfit, and the President watch is able to give to your look the matchless distinction and presentability that you certainly deserve.

The President watch is for those who really, above all, values quality, reliability and time.